Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution

Tuttles Meats of Texas is a distributor and wholesale supplier based in Woodsboro, TX. We provide our clients with the best quality meats at a competitive price and supply them with a variety of special cuts, including unique orders. We offer delivery service direct to our clients. Want to learn more? Contact us today.

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Since that first store in Olton Texas, our operating philosophy has been to take care of the community, our Teammates, and their families.  https://lowesmarket.com/

Tuttles Wholesale 0006 Dierham Feed

The Dierlam Family has always prided itself on providing the products and service that others cannot match. https://dierlamfeed.com

Tuttles Wholesale 0008 Beef Bones

It’s a privilege to be at your table, so we pour our heart and soul into everything we serve you. We hope you enjoy! https://www.beefnbones.com/

Tuttles Wholesale 0009 The Chopping Block

The Chopping Block is a family owned meat market set on bringing back traditions of butchery and sausage making.  We’re focused on providing quality meats, superior customer service, and bringing families back to the dinner table. https://tcbmeats.com/

Tuttles Wholesale 0002 Lehman

Since 1964, the name Lehman has become synonymous with quality automatic feeders in the field. Our premium broadcast and protein feeders are created from superior construction methods. https://lehmanhfeeders.com/

Tuttles Wholesale 0003 Brezinas TIre

Tires, Feeders, Yeti Coolers, Taft Texas USA. https://www.facebook.com/breezymart/about

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The Post is your neighborhood drive-thru, full-service for all of your outdoor, ranch, and hunting needs. We sell guns and ammo. We offer delivery services for feed, cottonseed, and hay. We serve made-fresh, frozen margaritas and ice cold beverages. https://www.facebook.com/thepostogoutfitter

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Bella la Brew has been nestled in the heart of Rockport, TX area since 2014. This cozy establishment highlights our passion for bringing you a spot to relax and enjoy the company of others while enjoying a cup of joe or a tasty treat. https://www.bellalabrew.com/

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NA Ag Farm & Ranch Supply guarantees Great Quality supplies for all Ranches, need are want. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057611291156&sk=about

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Always fresh, great selections. Our staff always gives you great service. We appreciate all of our wonderful customers. https://www.facebook.com/dicksfoodstores

Meet Our Affiliates!

Tuttles Wholesale 0009 The Chopping Block

Southwest Meat Association (SMA) is a leading meat and poultry trade organization representing packers and processors all over the United States. SMA is an organization created to make a difference for its members by initiating opportunities, resolving problems, and thus helping our member companies to earn a reasonable return on their investment.

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