Deer Processing


Tuttle’s Deer Processing

Tuttle’s Meat Market & Smokehouse is a family-owned and operated
 Meat Market, Smokehouse, & Restaurant.

We have a full game processing facility on site.We require all game be FIELD DRESSED and SKINNED at a minimum,but we will take care of the rest all the way to vacuum sealing for freshness. We guarantee that you will get YOUR meat back we do not mix batches to save time. All prices are on animals less than 150lbs. +150lbs the prices will be adjusted. Everything is vacuum sealed for freshness and no freezer burn.

Please to refer to our prices below.
  • Also included is our full check in sheet. Please feel free to print and fill out before you come to save some time.
  • Due to Health Dept Rules & Regulations we no longer accept Hogs (Wild or Domestic) for processing.
  • TPWD Hunting Tag or Wildlife Resource Document is required with all meat drop offs.
  • As of Nov 2019 we do not Skin Deer any longer. All deer must be dropped off quartered and in an ice chest.

Deer Processing Prices

Customer satisfaction is our primary motive

Processing/De-Bone Charge:

  • Whole Carcass Skinned – $100.00.
  • Quartered – $50.00. ( 2 hinds, 2 shoulders) *If neck and ribs are included it will be considered a whole carcass.
  • Boneless Meat – Will not incur a processing/De-bone charge.
  • Any animals larger than 150lbs the price will be adjusted

Tenderizing & Grinding:

  • Tenderizing will be $10.00 per deer
  • Grinding for Hamburger meat will be $0.89cents a pound.
  • Any add will be a added charge. Beef Tallow is $2.79/lb. Beef Brisket & Pork add will go off weekly bulk pricing.

Specialty Items:

  • Bacon Wrapped Backstrap Medallions – $15.00 per deer.
  • Bacon Wrapped Hamburger Steak – Regular $3.89/lb. Jalapeno Cheese $4.09/lb. (20% beef tallow added for consistency included in price).

Smoked Meats:

  • All sausages are mixed 60/40 with pork. Pork is included in price below.
    • Pan Sausage – $2.99/lb.
    • Smoked Link Sausage – Regular $3.25/lb. Jalapeno & Cheese $3.75/lb.
    • Smoked Summer Sausage – Regular $4.09/lb. Jalapeno & Cheese $4.59/lb.
    • Dry Sausage – $4.49/lb.
    • Peppered Jerky – $8.00/lb. (Wet/Raw Weight)
  • Any variation to standard recipe will incur additional charge.
  • Prices are effective 8/1/2020, but they are subject to change without notice.

Thank you for choosing Tuttle’s Meat Market & Smokehouse – The Best little smokehouse in South Texas, Since 1928!